Main Theorem


What is Persistent Homology?

Vietoris-Rips Complexes

Cyclic Graphs and Winding Fraction

Stars Inscribed in Regular Polygons

Main Theorem

The main result of our research lies in the following theorem:

Denoting \(q_\ell = n/\)gcd\((n,2\ell+1)\), we have: \[ VR(P_n;r)\simeq \begin{cases} \bigvee^{q_\ell-1}S^{2\ell}&\mbox{ when }s_{n,\ell} < r \le t_{n,\ell}\\ S^{2\ell+1}&\mbox{ when }t_{n,\ell} < r\le s_{n,\ell+1}\end{cases} \mbox{ for some } \ell \in \mathbb{N} \] and all of the summands in question are persistent.

As an example of the theorem, we can find the barcodes for \(P_{15}\):