Vietoris-Rips Complexes


What is Persistent Homology?

Vietoris-Rips Complexes

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Stars Inscribed in Regular Polygons

Main Theorem

One of the most common "thickenings" of a point cloud that is used in toological data analysis is the following, because of its computational efficiency:

Definition. For a finite metric space \(X\), and a scale parameter \(r > 0\), the Vietoris-Rips Complex (or simply, VR Complex), denoted by \(VR(X;r)\) is the complex that contains a finite simplex \(\sigma \subseteq X\) whenever diam\((\sigma) < r.\)

An example VR Complex built on a point cloud.

Here we make three important remarks about VR Complexes:

Remark 1. For every scale parameter \(r \ge 0\), the complex \(VR(X;r)\) is simplicial. That is, it satisifes the properties: (1) If \(\sigma\) is in \(VR(X;r)\) and if \(\tau\) is in \(\sigma\), then \(\tau\) is in \(VR(X;r)\), and (2) If \(\sigma\) and \(\tau\) are in V\(R(X;r)\), then \(\sigma \cap \tau\) is in \(VR(X;r)\).

Remark 2. For any scale parameters \(r' \ge r > 0\), the natural inclusion map \(VR(X;r) \to VR(X;r')\) is a homotopy equivalence. That is, any inceasing sequence of scale parameters gives rise to an increasing sequence of simplicial complexes, called a VR simplicial filtration.

Remark 3. The complex \(VR(X;r)\) depends only on pairwise distances in \(X\). That is, \(VR(X;r)\) is equal to the clique complex of its 0-dimensional and 1-dimensional simplices.

Remarks 1 and 2 are necessary in a technical sense because they prove that one can examine the persistent homology the point cloud. Remark 3 is important because it allows us to use general tools about clique complexes to provide insight into VR complexes. Moreover, Remark 3 gives us an optimization for storing the combinatorial object \(VR(X;r)\) in a computer program.

A Cech simplicial filtration of a point cloud. Similar to, but slightly different from, the VR simplicial filtration of the same point cloud.

The importance of the VR simplicial filtration is solidified by an important theorem, proving that the resulting persistent homology barcodes from a VR simplicial filtration are "stable".

Theorem. For \(M\) a compact metric space and \(X \subseteq M\) a finite subspace, if \(X\) converges to \(M\) in the Gromov-Hausdorff distance, then \(PH(X)\) converges to \(PH(M)\) in the bottleneck distance.

One often likes to imagine that a point cloud \(X\) was created through a (noisy) sampling from a manifold \(M\). However, there are very few infinite, continuous spaces \(M\) for which the barcodes \(PH(M)\) are known. Towards this end, we were able to compute \(PH(M)\) for \(M = P_n\) the boundary of any regular polygon, equipped with the Euclidean metric of the plane.